Innovations in insuring the poor

Ruth Vargas Hill, Maximo Torero
2020 vision focus

Contents:; Introduction by Rajul Pandya-Lorch and Shenggen Fan; Innovations in Insuring the Poor: Overview by Ruth Vargas Hill and Maximo Torero; Risk and the Rural Poor by John Hoddinott; Risk, Poverty, and Insurance by Stefan Dercon; Microinsurance for Health and Agricultural Risks by Richard Leftley; Sustainability and Scalability of Index-Based Insurance for Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods by Ulrich Hess and Peter Hazell; Intelligent Design of Index Insurance for Smallholder Farmers and Pastoralists by Michael R. Carter; Experience with Weather Index-based Insurance in India and Malawi by Xavier Giné; Providing Weather Index and Indemnity Insurance in Ethiopia by Eyob Meherette; Index-based Livestock Insurance in Mongolia by Olivier Mahul, Nathan Belete, and Andrew Goodland; Health Insurance for the Rural Poor: Evidence from Cambodia by David I. Levine; Innovations in Health Insurance: Community-based Models by Johannes Jütting; Microfinance and Unexpected Consumption Expenditures by Richard Hornbeck; Providing Insurance through Microfinance Institutions: The Indian Experience by Rupalee Ruchismita and Sona Varma; Social Protection and Risk by John Hoddinott; Index Insurance Applied to Agriculture: The Mexican Case by Amado Villarreal González