International ecosystem assessment

Edward Ayensu, Daniel van R. Claasen, Mark Collins, Andrew Dearing, Louise O. Fresco, Madhav Gadgil, Habiba Gitay, Gisbert Glaser, Calestous Juma, John Krebs, Roberto Lenton, Jane Lubchenco, Jeffrey A. McNeely, Harold A. Mooney, Per Pinstrup-Andersen, Mario Ramos, Peter Raven, Walter V. Reid, Cristian K. Samper, José Sarukhán, Peter Schei, José Galízia Tundisi, Robert T. Watson, Xu Guanhua, A. H. Zakri

This article develops the case for adopting an international system for assessing how humans have impacted the ecosystem. It explains the rationale for making such an assessment and proposes a methodology for developing and administering it.