A long-term census and survey program for Ghana

Juan Muñoz
gssp working paper

This report has been defined in accordance with the initial terms of reference. I first tried to develop a vision of the long-term census and survey system through interviews held with diverse stakeholders. I thus identified the clients and their expectations. The next step was to pinpoint the raw materials and main products, in order to develop a vision of the Ghanaian census and household survey system as a production process. Finally, I evaluated GSS’ resources, capabilities and limitations to conduct the process, and as a result, developed a business plan for the forthcoming years. The Census and Household Survey Systems’ main clients are the Ghanaian decisionmakers in the line ministries and international support agencies. The main stakeholders are the Ministries of Health, Education, and Agriculture. Demand for household survey data also comes from private individuals, private organizations, and research institutions in Ghana and abroad. Other elements of the Ghanaian statistical system, such as the National Accounts System and the Consumer Price Index, also need input from household-related information.