More or less ambition?

modeling the development impact of U.S.–EU agricultural proposals in the Doha Round

Antoine Bouët, Simon Mevel, David Orden
research brief

"What is at stake in the standoff between the United States and Europe over agriculture in the Doha Round of trade talks at the World Trade Organization (WTO)? What impact would an agreement based on greater or lesser levels of ambition have on developing countries, whose economies depend heavily on agriculture? Two years after the WTO talks broke down in Cancún, reform of the heavily protected and subsidized agricultural sectors of the United States and Europe remains a major impediment to progress. Using the MIRAGE computable general equilibrium model of the global economy, in this policy brief we compare different scenarios for the Doha agriculture negotiations, taking real numbers from the proposals currently on the table from the European Union (EU), the United States, and the G20 group of developing countries." -- from Text