The need to strengthen accountability in nutrition

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Chapter 8 of the 2014 Global Nutrition Report

At the 2013 Nutrition for Growth (N4G) summit in london, more than 90 signatories made significant and public commitments to nutrition-related actions, with the collective ambition of, by 2020, 

  1. ensuring that at least 500 million pregnant women and children under age two are reached with effective nutrition interventions,
  2. preventing at least 20 million children under age five from being stunted, and
  3. saving at least 1.7 million lives by reducing stunting, increasing breastfeeding, and treating severe acute malnutrition.

Tracking the commitments by the N4G signatories is inherently important, and failure to do so would breed cynicism and complacency. This report, an outcome of the N4G event, is meant to enable partners to hold each other accountable for their commitments and demonstrate the delivery of results.