Overcoming Traders' Block

export bans & food prices

Gwendolyn Stansbury, ed., Heidi Fritschel, ed.
insights: magazine of the international food policy research institute
Contents: In Brief; Cutting Hunger in Real Time 4, St. Thomas, Ashley; Arab Spring has Sprung 5, Chu, Adrienne; Local Water Woes may have Global Consequences 5, Heard, Josh; Insurance in Bangladesh: What do Farmers Want? 6, Mehta, Parendi; Plenty of Water, but Crops are Going Thirsty 7, Fritschel, Heidi; Clinton at IFPRI: Horn of Africa Crisis 7, Fritschel, Heidi; Maize, Rice, Beans & Sprinkles? 8, Stansbury, Gwendolyn; It's a Small World 10, Whitehead, John; Overcoming Traders' Block 12, Fritschel, Heidi; Rising Food Prices 18