Statistics of public expenditure for economic development (SPEED)

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

The 2010 Dataset was updated in 2013, and again in early 2015 and is available here for reference only. The authors recommend the use of the 2015 SPEED Dataset for research.

Public expenditure is one of the most important tools for government interventions. Development practitioners, donors and the general public have increasingly requested expenditure accountability and transparency from governments. Transparency in public spending allows governments to track, monitor and evaluate the flows, efficiency and impacts of public resource allocation. A better understanding of the linkages between public expenditure and development can provide further insight into overall poverty reduction strategies and other key objectives of economic and human development.

Against this background, IFPRI has compiled the Statistics of Public Expenditure for Economic Development (SPEED) database, providing the most comprehensive and publicly available public expenditure information for 147 countries in the following sectors: agriculture, education, health, defense, social protection, mining, transport and communication (as well as these two sectors separately), and total expenditure for the period of 1980-2010.Online resources

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