Scaling up in agriculture, rural development, and nutrition

Johannes F. Linn, ed.
2020 vision focus

Introduction Shenggen Fan and Rajul Pandya-Lorch;
1. Overview: Pathways, Drivers, and Spaces Johannes F. Linn;
2. Investing in Agriculture to Reduce Poverty and Hunger Kevin Cleaver;
3. Moving Local- and Community-Driven Development from Boutique to Large Scale Hans P. Binswanger- Mkhize and Jacomina P. de Regt;
4. Empowering Local Communities in the Highlands of Peru Barbara Massler;
5. Rehabilitating China’s Loess Plateau John Mackedon;
6. Building on Successes with Regreening in the West African Sahel Chris Reij;
7. Scaling Up Agricultural Value Chains for Pro-Poor Development Arntraud Hartmann;
8. Scaling Up Agricultural Supply Chains in the Private Sector Beth Sauerhaft and Ian Hope-Johnstone;
9. SUN: A Global Movement to Accelerate Reduction of Maternal and Child Undernutrition David Nabarro, Purnima Menon, Marie Ruel, and Sivan Yosef;
10. Alive & Thrive: Expanding Community Interventions to Improve Nutrition in Bangladesh Raisul Haque, Kaosar Afsana, Tina Sanghvi, Saiqa Siraj, and Purnima Menon;
11. Delivering Nutrients Widely through Biofortification: Building on Orange Sweet Potato Howdy Bouis and Yassir Islam;
12. Addressing Institutional Challenges to Large-scale Implementation Richard Kohl;
13. Aga Khan Development Network: Expanding Rural Support Programs in South Asia Henri Suter, Leanne Sedowski, and Joanne Trotter;
14. SEWA: Supporting Village-Level Organizations to Improve Rural Livelihoods Raj M. Desai and Shareen Joshi;
15. Oxfam America: Learning from the System of Rice Intensification in Northern Vietnam Gina E. Castillo, Minh Nguyet Le, and Kimberly Pfeifer;
16. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Catalyzing Agricultural Innovation Prabhu Pingali;
17. IFAD: Adopting a New Systematic Approach to Scaling Up Agricultural and Rural Development Cheikh M. Sourang;
18. Learning from the Experience of Vertical Funds Keith Bezanson, Paul Isenman, and Alex Shakow;
19. Going to Scale in Fragile States: Can it Work? Should We Try? Laurence Chandy;
20. Lessons on Scaling-up: Opportunities and Challenges for the Future Johannes F. Linn;