The subsidy syndrome in Indian agriculture

The subsidy syndrome in Indian agriculture

Ashok Gulati, Sudha Narayanan

The debate over agricultural subsidies has been thrust to the forefront of discussions on India’s economic reforms with the signing of the Uruguay Round Agreement, now devolving on the WTO. This book examines the issue from various angles in order to move the reform process forward. It provides a detailed discussion of:

  • the constituents of agricultural subsidies
  • India’s stand regarding support to agriculture
  • the magnitude of product specific and non-product specific support
  • temporal behaviour and spatial spread of input subsidies
  • the relative importance of fertilizer, power, and canal subsidies
  • the real beneficiaries and those who would actually bear the burden of adjustment
  • consequences of phasing out subsidies, and
  • price and institutional reforms and lessons for India

The authors suggest policy measures to ensure efficiency in the use of resources, equity in the distribution of gains, and environmental sustainability in agricultural operations.

Order from Oxford University Press