The supply of inorganic fertilizers to smallholder farmers in Tanzania

This brief presents the results of a study to investigate sup-ply-side constraints for fertilizer use by smallholder famers in Tanzania in which the government is implicated. Government actions that could constrain the supply of fertilizer include policies, regulations, or taxes that result in higher prices for fertilizer for farmers. Government inaction that could have a similar result is primarily in the area of missing investments in public goods that, were they in place, would reduce the costs or risks to farmers of using the input. The objective of the study is met by taking a broad look at how fertilizer is supplied to farmers. The study involved a review of the literature of fertilizer supply, demand, and use; interviews with key participants in fertilizer importation and marketing in Tanzania; and two surveys—one with farmers and the other with input suppliers—in three farming areas where fertilizer is commonly used by smallholders.

Benson, Todd
Kirama, Stephen L.
Selejio, Onesmo
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International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
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