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The influence of pro-farmer policies on the income mobility of rural residents in impoverished area--An analysis based on tracking survey to rural households in 3 villages of Guizhou province Yumei Zhang Kevin Z. Chen
Linking economic growth and economic equity in transfer programmes Harold Alderman
Does the quality of income growth affect child nutrition status? Lawrence James Haddad Edoardo Masset Lisa C. Smith
Growth is dead, long live growth The quality of economic growth and why it matters: Introduction Lawrence James Haddad Hiroshi Kato Nicolas Meisel
Linking social protection to agriculture: Evidence from Ethiopia John F. Hoddinott Guush Berhane Daniel O. Gilligan Neha Kumar Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse
Land cover classification and change detection analysis using LandSat series and geospatial datasets in Nepal from 1980 to 2010 Zhe Guo R. Shrastha Wei Zhang Prapti Bhandary Gennong Yu Liping Di
Farmers' coping strategies against an aggregate shock: Evidence from the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake Ling Jin Kevin Z. Chen Bingxin Yu Mateusz Filipski
Targeting, bias, and expected impact of complex innovations on developing-country agriculture: Evidence from Malawi Beliyou Haile Carlo Azzarri Cleo Roberts David J. Spielman
Potential impact of climate change on cereal crop yield in West Africa Kazi Farzan Ahmed Guiling Wang Miao Yu Jawoo Koo Liangzhi You
Food safety regulatory systems in Europe and China: A study of how co-regulation can improve regulatory effectiveness Kevin Z. Chen Xin-xin Wang Hai-ying Song