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Competitiveness of global agriculture: Policy lessons for food security Attila Jambor Suresh Chandra Babu
Awareness and perceptions of ecosystem services in relation to land use types
Evidence from rural communities in Nigeria
Wei Zhang Edward Kato Prapti Bhandary Ephraim M. Nkonya Hassan Ishaq Ibrahim Mure Uhunamure Agbonlahor Hussaini Yusu Ibrahim Cindy M. Cox
Prospects and adaptation strategies for the fisheries sector under climate change in Pacific coral triangle countries: Consultant’s final report Madan M. Dey Mark W. Rosegrant Rowena Valmonte-Santos
Adoption of modern rice cultivation practices in Bihar, India: Micro-level evidences from village-level studies
Anjani Kumar R. K. P. Singh Abhay Kumar Rajeev Betne K. M. Singh
Agricultural growth, climate resilience, and food security in the Philippines: Subnational impacts of selected investment strategies and policies Timothy S. Thomas Angga Pradesha Nicostrato Perez
The economywide impacts of climate change on Philippine agriculture Mark W. Rosegrant Nicostrato Perez Angga Pradesha Timothy S. Thomas
Food markets and nutrition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (2004–2005) Wim Marivoet
Navigating through reforms: Cotton reforms in Burkina Faso Jonathan Kaminski Derek D. Headey Tanguy Bernard
Farming the aquatic chicken: Improved tilapia in the Philippines Sivan Yosef
Millions fed Annex A: Map of Case Studies David J. Spielman, ed. Rajul Pandya-Lorch, ed.