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Do shocks affect men's and women's assets differently? Evidence from Bangladesh and Uganda Agnes R. Quisumbing Neha Kumar Julia A. Behrman
Maternal and Child Nutrition in Nepal: Examining drivers of progress from the mid-1990s to 2010s Kenda Cunningham Derek D. Headey Akriti Singh Chandni Karmacharya Pooja Pandey Rana
The recent growth boom in developing economies: The role of services Xinshen Diao Margaret S. McMillan Dani Rodrik
The research and implementation continuum of biofortified sweet potato and maize in Africa Sherry A. Tanumihardjo Anna-Marie Ball Chisela Kaliwile Kevin Pixley
Do markets and trade help or hurt the global food system adapt to climate change? Molly E. Brown Edward R. Carr Kathryn L. Grace Keith D. Wiebe Christopher C. Funk Witsanu Attavanich Peter Backlund Lawrence Buja
Grain price and volatility transmission from international to domestic markets in developing countries Francisco Ceballos Manuel A. Hernandez Nicholas Minot Miguel Robles
Leveraging US technical assistance for improved development outcomes Ammad Bahalim Joseph W. Glauber
Potential socio-economic implications of future climate change and variability for Nigerien agriculture: A countrywide dynamic CGE-microsimulation analysis Jean-Marc Montaud Nicolas Pecastaing Mahamadou Roufahi Tankari
Understanding African poverty over the longue durée: A review of Africa's development in historical perspective Margaret S. McMillan
Prospects for the Myanmar rubber sector: An analysis of the viability of smallholder production in Mon State Joanna Van Asselt Kyan Htoo Paul A. Dorosh