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2017 global hunger index: The inequalities of hunger Klaus von Grebmer Jill Bernstein Naomi Hossain Tracy Brown Nilam Prasai Yisehac Yohannes Fraser Patterson Andrea Sonntag Sophia-Maria Zimmerman Olive Towey Connell Foley
The cocoa coast: The board-managed cocoa sector in Ghana: Synopsis Shashidhara Kolavalli Marcella Vigneri
Estimating input complementarities with unobserved heterogeneity: Evidence from Ethiopia Kibrom A. Abay Guush Berhane Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse Kibrewossen Abay Bethlehem Koru
Locus of control and technology adoption in developing country agriculture: Evidence from Ethiopia Kibrom A. Abay Garrick Blalock Guush Berhane
How comparable are cross-country data on agricultural public expenditures? Tewodaj Mogues Richard Anson
Principles behind evaluations of national food and beverage taxes and other regulatory efforts Corinna Hawkes Harold Alderman Frank Chaloupka Jennifer Harris Shiriki Kumanyika et al.
The nutrition and health risks faced by pregnant adolescents: Insights from a cross-sectional study in Bangladesh Phuong Hong Nguyen Tina Sanghvi Lan Mai Tran Kaosar Afsana Zeba Mahmud Purnima Menon et al.
Investigating the significance of the data collection period of household consumption and expenditures surveys for food and nutrition policymaking: Analysis of the 2010 Bangladesh household income and expenditure survey Reina Engle-Stone Celeste Sununtnasuk John L. Fiedler
The impact of new Rice for Africa (NERICA) adoption on household food security and health in the Gambia Lamin Dibba Manfred Zeller Aliou Diagne
Vers la réalisation du droit à une éducation de qualité pour tous Wim Marivoet