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Targeting health subsidies through a nonprice mechanism
A randomized controlled trial in Kenya
Pascaline Dupas Vivian Hoffmann Michael Kremer Alix P. Zwane
Can labor market imperfections explain changes in the inverse farm size–productivity relationship?
Longitudinal evidence from rural India
Klaus Deininger Songqing Jin Yanyan Liu Sudhir K. Singh
Saisonnalité de la diversité alimentaire des enfants et statut économique des ménages, Kayes, Mali
S. Fortin Y. Kameli E. N. Kodjo Agnès Le Port Yves Martin-Prével M. Savy
“As a husband I will love, lead, and provide.” Gendered access to land in Ghana Isabel Lambrecht
Adolescent girls' infant and young child nutrition knowledge levels and sources differ among rural and urban samples in Bangladesh
John F. Hoddinott Naureen Karachiwalla Natasha Ledlie Shalini Roy
A farm-level perspective of the policy challenges for export diversification in Malawi: Example of the oilseeds and maize sectors
Example of the oilseeds and maize sectors
Michael E. Johnson Brent Edelman Cynthia Kazembe
Agricultural inputs policy under macroeconomic uncertainty: Applying the kaleidoscope model to Ghana’s Fertilizer Subsidy Programme (2008–2015) Danielle Resnick David Mather
Do beliefs about agricultural inputs counterfeiting correspond with actual rates of counterfeiting? Evidence from Uganda Maha Ashour Lucy Billings Daniel Gilligan Jessica B. Hoel Naureen Karachiwalla
Gender dimensions on farmers’ preferences for direct-seeded rice with drum seeder in India Md. Tajuddin Khan Avinash Kishore Pramod Kumar Joshi
Pakistan seed dealer survey International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) Innovative Development Strategies (Pvt) Ltd. National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) National Institute of Genomics and Advanced Biotechnology (NIGAB) Innovation Office of Research, and Commercialization (ORIC) University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) Department of Agricultural Economics