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Does beneficiary farmer feedback improve project performance? An impact study of a participatory monitoring intervention in Mindanao, Philippines Edoardo Masset Lawrence James Haddad
Editorial for the special issue on food safety in China Kevin Z. Chen Shu Geng Ji-kun Huang Yun-bo Luo Qi-xin Sun
Dynamics of access to rural credit in India: Patterns and determinants Anjani Kumar R.K.P. Singh Shiv Jee Subhash Chand Gaurav Tripathi Sunil Saroj
Reducing child undernutrition: Past drivers and priorities for the post-MDG era [in Amharic] Lisa C. Smith Lawrence James Haddad
Climate Change, Global Food Security, and the U.S. Food System M.E. Brown J.M. Antle P. Backlund E.R. Carr W.E. Easterling M.K. Walsh C. Ammann W. Attavanich C.B. Barrett M.F. Bellemare V. Dancheck C. Funk K. Grace J.S.I. Ingram H. Jiang H. Maletta T. Mata A. Murray M. Ngugi D. Ojima B. O’Neill and C. Tebaldi.
Varieties of African populism in comparative perspective Danielle Resnick
Implications of labour migration for rice production and household economy: Evidences from eastern India Singh K.M. R.K.P. Singh Anjani Kumar Abhay Kumar M.S. Meena V.P. Chahal
To remit, or not to remit: That is the question. A remittance field experiment Maximo Torero Angelino Viceisza
The influence of pro-farmer policies on the income mobility of rural residents in impoverished area--An analysis based on tracking survey to rural households in 3 villages of Guizhou province Yumei Zhang Kevin Z. Chen
Linking economic growth and economic equity in transfer programmes Harold Alderman