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Investing in future: Public policy opportunities to end undernutrition in India Sonalde Desai Lawrence James Haddad Deepta Chopra Amit Thorat
Diet transition and supermarket shopping behaviour: Is there a link? Hery Toiba Wendy J. Umberger Nicholas Minot
Urban shopping patterns in Indonesia and their implications for small farmers Nicholas Minot Randy Stringer Wendy J. Umberger Wahida Maghraby
Understanding the rapid reduction of undernutrition in Nepal, 2001–2011 Derek D. Headey John F. Hoddinott
Undernutrition and public policy in India Sonalde Desai, ed. Lawrence James Haddad, ed. Deepta Chopra, ed. Amit Thorat, ed.
Are we overestimating the negative impact of higher food prices?
Evidence from Ghana
Nicholas Minot Reno Dewina
Transformation of the Indonesian agrifood system and the future beyond rice: A special issue Thomas Anthony Reardon Randy Stringer C. Peter Timmer Nicholas Minot Arief Daryanto
Biofortification techniques to improve food security Amy Saltzman Meike S. Andersson Dorene Asare-Marfo Keith Lividini Fabiana F. De Moura Mourad Moursi Adewale Oparinde Victor Taleon
Uganda – A new set of utility consistent poverty lines Bjorn Van Campenhout Haruna Sekabira Fiona Nattembo
What is the cost of providing one rupee of support to the poor? Suman Chakrabarti Pallavi Rajkhowa