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Drivers and triggers of international food price spikes and volatility Getaw Tadesse Bernardina Algieri Matthias Kalkuhl Joachim von Braun
Health insurance and medical impoverishment in rural China
Evidence from Guizhou province
Yumei Zhang Mateusz J. Filipski Kevin Z. Chen
Alternative mechanisms to reduce food price volatility and price spikes
Policy responses at the global level
Maximo Torero
A large-scale behavior change initiative to improve infant and young child feeding had positive impact on language and motor development in Bangladesh
Edward A. Frongillo Phuong H. Nguyen Kuntal Saha Tina Sanghvi Kaosar Afsana Raisul Haque Jean Baker Marie T. Ruel Rahul Rawat Purnima Menon
Traceability and reputation in supply chains Alexander E. Saak
Volatile volatility: Conceptual and measurement issues related to price trends and volatility Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla
Volatile and extreme food prices, food security, and policy
An overview
Matthias Kalkuhl Joachim von Braun Maximo Torero
The effects of southern hemisphere crop production on trade, stocks, and price integration Joseph W. Glauber Mario Miranda
Transmission of food price volatility from international to domestic markets
Evidence from Africa, Latin America, and South Asia
Francisco Ceballos Manuel A. Hernandez Nicholas Minot Miguel Robles
Regional trade and volatility in staple food markets in Africa Ousmane Badiane Sunday Odjo