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The devolution revolution: Implications for agricultural service delivery in Ghana Danielle Resnick
MSP hike: Not a viable policy option Pramod Kumar Joshi Avinash Kishore Devesh Roy
Assessment of the 2016/17 Food Insecurity Response Programme in Malawi Suresh Babu Andrew Comstock Bob Baulch Anderson Gondwe Cynthia Kazembe Kenan Kalagho Noora-Lisa Aberman Peixun Fang Overtoun Placido Mgemezulu Todd Benson
Youth migration and labour constraints in African agrarian households Valerie Mueller Cheryl Doss Agnes R. Quisumbing
How can organic rice be a boon to smallholders? Evidence from contract farming in India Ashok K. Mishra Anjani Kumar Pramod Kumar Joshi Alwin D'Souzad
Does cooperative membership improve household welfare? Evidence from a panel data analysis of smallholder dairy farmers in Bihar, India Anjani Kumar Sunil Saroj Pramod Kumar Joshi Hiroyuki Takeshima
Understanding the role of rural non-farm enterprises in Africa’s economic transformation: Evidence from Tanzania Xinshen Diao Eduardo Magalhaes Margaret S. McMillan
Can contract farming in organic basmati rice be a boon to smallholders? Evidence from India Ashkok K. Mishra Anjani Kumar Pramod Kumar Joshi Alwin D’Souza Gaurav Tripathi
Ethiopia Strategy Support Program (ESSP) 2018 International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Ethiopian energy status and demand scenarios: Prospects to improve energy efficiency and mitigate GHG emissions Md. Hossain Alam Mondal Elizabeth Bryan Claudia Ringler Dawit Kelemework Mekonnen Mark W. Rosegrant