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Accounting for nutritional changes in six success stories: A regression-decomposition approach Derek D. Headey John F. Hoddinott Seollee Park
Hydropower versus irrigation—an analysis of global patterns Ruijie Zeng Ximing Cai Claudia Ringler Tingju Zhu
Use of inverse modeling to evaluate CENTURY-predictions for soil carbon sequestration in US rain-fed corn production systems Ho-Young Kwon C.M. Ugarte Stephen M. Ogle Stephen A. Williams Michelle M. Wander
Mozambique cell phone savings project: Endline survey International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) Associacao Nutricao Serguranca Alimentar de Mozambique (ANSA)
Local governance and public goods provision in rural China Xiaobo Zhang Shenggen Fan Linxiu Zhang Jikun Huang
Should developing countries invest more in less-favoured areas? An empirical analysis of rural India Shenggen Fan Peter Hazell
The European Union–West Africa Economic Partnership Agreement Antoine Bouët David Laborde Debucquet Fousseini Traoré
Cost-effectiveness of community-based gendered advisory services to farmers: Analysis in Mozambique and Tanzania Tewodaj Mogues Valerie Mueller Florence Kondylis
A snapshot of agricultural research investment and capacity in Asia Gert-Jan Stads
Evaluation of nutrition-sensitive programs Deanna K. Olney Jef L. Leroy Marie T. Ruel