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Roads to innovation: Firm-level evidence from People's Republic of China (PRC) Xu Wang Zhuan Xie Xiaobo Zhang Yiping Huang
What drives diversification of national food supplies? A cross-country analysis Samira Choudhury Derek D. Headey
[Introduction] Strengthening policy research on infant and young child feeding: An imperative to support countries in scaling up impact on nutrition Purnima Menon Anne Marie Thow
Household access to traditional and indigenous foods positively associated with food security and dietary diversity in Botswana Salome Nduku Kasimba Boitumelo Stokie Motswagole Namukolo Covic Nicole Claasen
Prospects for the sectoral transformation of the rural economy in Tanzania: A review of the evidence Todd Benson Josée Randriamamonjy Peixun Fang David Nyange James Thurlow Xinshen Diao
How did sanctions impact Myanmar? Manmeet Ajmani Pramod Kumar Joshi Avinash Kishore Devesh Roy
The effect of land access on youth employment and migration decisions: Evidence from rural Ethiopia Katrina Kosec Hosaena Ghebru Brian Holtemeyer Valerie Mueller Emily Schmidt
The impact of agricultural extension services in the context of a heavily subsidized input system: The case of Malawi Catherine Ragasa John Mazunda
Gender differences in accepting and receiving requests for tasks with low promotability Linda Babcock Maria P. Recalde Lise Vesterlund Laurie Weingart
Property rights, intersectionality, and women’s empowerment in Nepal Rajendra Pradhan Ruth Suseela Meinzen-Dick Sophie Theis