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Argentina en los foros mundiales: Chance y desafío Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla
Characterizing 40-years of inter-regional migration in Southern Mauritania as a result of environmental changes Mohamed Abd Salam El Vilaly Audra El Vilaly Gil Mahe
Adoption of food safety measures on milk production in Nepal: Impact on smallholders’ farm-gate prices and profitability Anjani Kumar Ganesh Thapa Devesh Roy Pramod Kumar Joshi
Predictors of adherence to micronutrient supplementation before and during pregnancy in Vietnam Ines Gonzalez-Casanova Phuong Hong Nguyen Melissa Young Kimberly B Harding Gregory A. Reinhart Hieu Nguyen Meredith Nechitillo Truong V. Truong Hoa Pham Son Nguyen Lynnette M. Neufeld Reynaldo Martorell Usha Ramakrishnan
Food consumption pattern and dietary diversity in Nepal: Implications for nutrition security Anjani Kumar Praduman Kumar Pramod Kumar Joshi
Acceptability and feasibility of multiple micronutrient powders vs. iron syrup in young children in Bihar, India Melissa Young Amy Webb Girard Rushkan Mehta Sridhar Srikantiah Purnima Menon Usha Ramakrishnan Reynaldo Martorell Rasmi Avula
El país tendrá que pelear por el mercado de los agroalimentos Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla
Beyond water markets: Second-best water allocation policy Mark W. Rosegrant Man Li Wenchao Xu
Agricultural transformation in Sri Lanka:policy implications and way forward P. Parthasarathy Rao Suresh Chandra Babu Jeevika Weerahewa Pramod Kumar Joshi
Climate change and variability: What are the risks for nutrition, diets, and food systems? Jessica Fanzo Rebecca McLaren Claire Davis Jowel Choufani