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The effect of land inheritance on youth employment and migration decisions: Evidence from rural Ethiopia Katrina Kosec Hosaena Ghebru Brian Holtemeyer Valerie Mueller Emily Schmidt
The IMPACT model: A global simulation modelling system for analysis of water-economy links in climate change scenarios Sherman Robinson Daniel Mason-D’Croz Tingju Zhu
Enhancing linkages between healthy diets, local agriculture, and sustainable food systems
The school meals planner package in Ghana
Meenakshi Fernandes Rae Galloway Aulo Gelli Daniel Mumuni Salha Hamdani Josephine Kiamba Kate Quarshie Rita Bhatia Elisabetta Aurino Francis Peel Lesley Drake
Irie Classroom Toolbox: A study protocol for a cluster-randomised trial of a universal violence prevention programme in Jamaican preschools Helen Baker-Henningham Marcos Vera-Hernandez Harold Alderman Susan Walker
Funding and budgeting Aulo Gelli
Microinsurance decisions: Gendered evidence from rural Bangladesh Daniel J. Clarke Neha Kumar
New modalities for managing drought risk in rainfed agriculture
Evidence from a discrete choice experiment in Odisha, India
Patrick S. Ward Simrin Makhija
Land cover change and welfare in north Ghana
A spatial simultaneous equations approach
Carlo Azzarri Zhe Guo Beliyou Haile Sara Signorelli
Design and implementation Aulo Gelli
Public and private returns to investing in nutrition Harold Alderman David E. Sahn