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African farmers’ market organizations and global value chains: Competitiveness versus inclusiveness Lutz. Clemens Getaw Tadesse
A school-based intervention improved dietary intake outcomes and reduced waist circumference in adolescents: a cluster randomized controlled trial Angélica Ochoa-Avilés Roosmarijn Verstraeten Lieven Huybregts Susana Andrade John Van Camp Silvana Donoso Patricia Liliana Ramírez Carl Lachat Lea Maes Patrick Kolsteren
Integrating gender into small-scale irrigation Sophie Theis Nicole Lefore Elizabeth Bryan Claudia Ringler Ruth Suseela Meinzen-Dick
POSHAN’s abstract digest on maternal and child nutrition research – Issue 18 Rasmi Avula, ed.
Evidence of impact of interventions on growth and development during early and middle childhood Harold Alderman Jere R. Behrman Paul Glewwe Lia Fernald Susan P. Walker
Agricultural trade and hunger Will Martin
School feeding programs in middle childhood and adolescence Lesley Drake Meena Fernandes Elisabetta Aurino Josephine Kiamba Boitshepo Giyose Carmen Burbano Harold Alderman Mai Lu Arlene Mitchell Aulo Gelli
Does immigration reduce wages? Alan de Brauw
Schools as a system to improve nutrition: A new statement for school-based food and nutrition interventions D. Hunter B. Giyose A. PoloGalante F. Tartanac D. Bundy A. Mitchell T. Moleah J. Friedrich Harold Alderman L. Drake R. Kupka Q. Marshall K. Engesveen S. Oenema
Measuring infant and young child complementary feeding practices
Indicators, current practice, and research gaps
Marie T. Ruel