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The Rapid Expansion of Herbicide Use in Smallholder Agriculture in Ethiopia: Patterns, Drivers, and Implications Seneshaw Tamru Bart Minten Dawit Alemu Fantu Nisrane Bachewe
Measuring time use in development settings Gregory Seymour Hazel J. Malapit Agnes R. Quisumbing
Open research, open data, and your development organization: best practices in information and data management for development M. Zandstra A Azubuike A. Clobridge I. Kuchma L. Mwanzia Nilam Prasai S. Staiger-Rivas M. Willmers D. Senmartin
Synergy and learning effects of informal labor-sharing arrangements Dawit Kelemework Mekonnen Jeffrey H. Dorfman
Adoption of milk safety measures and its impact on milk acceptance by buyers in Nepal Prabin Dongol Ganesh Thapa Anjani Kumar
Health insurance, a friend in need? Evidence from financial and health diaries in Kenya Xin Geng Vera Ide Wendy Janssens Berber Kramer Marijn van der List
Women’s land rights as a pathway to poverty reduction: A framework and review of available evidence Ruth Suseela Meinzen-Dick Agnes R. Quisumbing Cheryl R. Doss Sophie Theis
Formal versus informal: Efficiency, inclusiveness and financing of dairy value chains in Indian Punjab Pratap Singh Birthal Ramesh Chand Pramod Kumar Joshi Raka Saxena Pallavi Rajkhowa Tajuddin Khan Arshad Khan Khyali R. Chaudhary
The value of delegated quality control Alexander E. Saak
Identifying socioeconomic characteristics defining consumers’ acceptance for main organoleptic attributes of an iron-biofortified bean variety in Guatemala Salomon Perez Alexander Buritica Adewale Oparinde Ekin Birol Carolina González Manfred Zeller