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Toward climate-smart agriculture in West Africa: a review of climate change impacts, adaptation strategies and policy developments for the livestock, fishery and crop production sectors Robert Zougmoré Samuel Partey Mathieu Ouédraogo Bamidele Omitoyin Timothy S. Thomas Augustine Ayantunde Polly Ericksen Mohammed Said Abdulai Jalloh
Experiments, policy, and theory in development economics: a response to Glenn Harrison’s ‘field experiments and methodological intolerance’ Thomas Bossuroy Clara Delavallade
Price discovery and dynamics across housing developers in China Guoying Deng Manuel A. Hernandez Yaoguo Wu
A comparison of nonparametric efficiency estimators: DEA, FDH, DEAC, FDHC, order-m and quantile Tarcio Da Silva Carlos Martins-Filho Eduardo Ribeiro
Managing food price volatility in a large open country: the case of wheat in India Christophe Gouel Madhur Gautam Will Martin
A class of nonparametric density derivative estimators based on global Lipschitz conditions Kairat Mynbaev Carlos Martins-Filho Aziza Aipenova
Ghana: Landscape analysis of anemia and anemia programming Jolene Wun Sorrel Namaste Celeste Sununtnasuk Teemar Fisseha Wilfred Forfoe Edward Bonku Denish Moorthy
Agricultural policies and trade paths in Turkey Donald Larson Will Martin Sabnem Sahin Marinos Tsigas
Rural youth and employment in Ethiopia Emily Schmidt Firew Bekele
The role of agriculture and the agro-processing industry for development in Egypt: An overview Hoda El-Enbaby Jose Luis Figueroa Hagar El-Didi Clemens Breisinger