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What is the optimal locus of control for social assistance programs? Evidence from the productive safety net programme in Ethiopia Andrew M. Simons
Sustaining growth via water productivity: 2030/2050 scenarios Veolia Water North America International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Pakistan’s fertilizer sector: Structure, policies, performance, and impacts Mubarik Ali Faryal Ahmed Hira Channa Stephen Davies
Can information help reduce imbalanced application of fertilizers in India? Experimental evidence from Bihar Ram Fishman Avinash Kishore Yoav Rothler Patrick S. Ward Shankar Jha R. K. P. Singh
Children’s diets, nutrition knowledge and access to markets Kalle Hirvonen John F. Hoddinott Bart Minten David Stifel
Ensuring agricultural productivity over time: Impact of sustainable land management program on rural farmers in Ethiopia Emily Schmidt Fanaye Tadesse
Habitual choice strategy, poverty and urban consumer demand for biofortified iron beans in developing countries: An application of random-effects double hurdle model Adewale Oparinde Ekin Birol Abdoul Murekezi
Water management and livelihood choices in southwestern Bangladesh Quinn Bernier Parvin Sultana Andrew R. Bell Claudia Ringler
Neighbour effects in the provision of public goods in a young democracy
Evidence from China
Claudio A. Agostini Philip Brown Xiaobo Zhang
Biological status and dietary intakes of Iron, Zinc and Vitamin A among women and preschool children in rural Burkina Faso Yves Martin-Prevel Pauline Allemand Laetitia Nikiema Kossiwavi A. Ayassou Henri Gautier Ouedraogo Mourad Moursi Fabiana F. De Moura