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Remoteness, urbanization and child nutrition in sub-Saharan Africa Derek D. Headey David Stifel Liangzhi You Zhe Guo
How well does the Food Consumption Score capture diet quantity, quality and adequacy across regions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)? Wim Marivoet Elodie Becquey Bjorn Van Campenhout
Exploring the agriculture-nutrition linkage in northern Ghana Sara Signorelli Beliyou Haile Bekele Kotu
Animal sourced foods and child stunting Derek D. Headey Kalle Hirvonen John F. Hoddinott
Introducing the Ag-Incentives Consortium and Database Simla Tokgoz David Laborde Debucquet Tess Lallemant Fahd Majeed Will Martin
Alternative formation of rural savings and credit cooperatives and their implications
Evidence from Ethiopia
Kibrom A. Abay Bethlehem Koru Gashaw T. Abate Guush Berhane
Non-traded food commodity spatial price transmission: evidence from the Niger millet market Mahamadou Roufahi Tankari Anatole Goundan
On the poverty–growth elasticity Channing Arndt Kristi Mahrt Caroline Schimanski
The effect of the National Food Reserve Agency on maize market prices in Tanzania Guillaume Pierre Karl Pauw Emiliano Magrini
Priority interventions to improve maternal and child diets in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia William A. Masters Katherine Rosettie Sarah Kranz Sarah H. Pedersen Patrick Webb Goodarz Danaei Dariush Mozaffarian