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Consumption of animal-source foods in Ethiopia: Patterns, changes, and determinants Getachew Ahmed Abegaz Ibrahim Worku Hassen Bart Minten
2017 Global food policy report: Synopsis [in Arabic] International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Identifying knowledge management capacity needs of rural advisory service networks Kevan W. Lamm Alexa J. Lamm Kristin Davis B. Jyothi Swaroop
Extension and advisory services: The African renaissance E. M. Zwane Kristin Davis
Guidelines for innovation platforms in agricultural research for development: Decision support for research, development and funding agencies on how to design, budget and implement impactful innovation platforms M. Schut J.A. Andersson I. Dror J. Kamanda M. Sartas R. Mur S. Kassam H. Brouwer D. Stoian A. Devaux C. Velasco A. Gramzow T. Dubois R.J. Flor M. Gummert D. Buizer C. McDougall Kristin Davis S. Homann-Kee Tui M. Lundy
Applying the best-fit framework to assess and strengthen national extension and advisory services Kristin Davis David J. Spielman
Do as they did: Peer effects explain adoption of conservation agriculture in Malawi Andrew Bell Jennifer Zavaleta Cheek Frazer Mataya Patrick S. Ward
Does cooperative membership improve household welfare? Evidence from a panel data analysis of smallholder dairy farmers in Bihar, India Anjani Kumar Sunil Saroj Hiroyuki Takeshima Pramod Kumar Joshi
Integrating environmental considerations in the agricultural policy process: Evidence from Nigeria Suresh Chandra Babu George Mavrotas Nilam Prasai
Doubling of farmers’ income: Push to agri-R&D holds the key Anjani Kumar Seema Bathla