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Quality of nutrition services in primary health care facilities: Implications for integrating nutrition into the health system in Bangladesh Masum Billah Kuntal Kumar Saha Abdullah Nurus Salam Khan Ashfaqul Haq Chowdhury Sarah P. Garnett S. E. Arifeen Purnima Menon
Agribusiness competitiveness: Applying analytics, typology, and measurements to Africa Suresh Chandra Babu Mahika Shishodia
Intertemporal choice and income regularity: Non-fungibility in a lab-in-the-field experiment Berber Kramer David Kunst
Strategies for restructuring the Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria: Process, opportunities, and lessons Suresh Chandra Babu E.O. Oyedipe Olusanya Ajakaiye K. Ajoni
The Abbreviated Women’s Empowerment inAgriculture Index (A-WEAI) Hazel J. Malapit Crossley Pinkstaff Kathryn Sproule Chiara Kovarik Agnes R. Quisumbing Ruth Suseela Meinzen-Dick
Stories of Change in Nutrition Stuart Gillespie, ed. Mara van den Bold, ed. Purnima Menon, ed. Nicholas. ed. Nisbett
Food price changes, domestic price insulation, and poverty (when all policymakers want to be above average) Kym Anderson Will Martin Maros Ivanic
Introduction [in Agricultural and rural development in a globalizing world: Challenges and opportunities] Prabhu Pingali Gershon Feder
Agricultural and rural development in a globalizing world: Challenges and opportunities Prabhu Pingali, ed. Gershon Feder, ed.
Modern agricultural technology adoption in sub-saharan Africa: A four-country analysis Gershon Feder Sara Savastano