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Synopsis: The Sustainable Land Management Program in the Ethiopian highlands: An evaluation of its impact on crop production Emily Schmidt Fanaye Tadesse
Understanding the measurement of women’s autonomy: Illustrations from Bangladesh and Ghana Gregory Seymour Amber Peterman
Reality of Food Losses: A New Measurement Methodology Luciana Delgado Monica Schuster Maximo Torero
Policy options to accelerate variety change among smallholder farmers in South Asia and Africa South of the Sahara David J. Spielman Melinda Smale
Scrutinizing the status quo: Rural transformation and land tenure security in Nigeria Hosaena Ghebru Fikirte Girmachew
Measuring trade integration in Africa Antoine Bouët Lionel Cosnard David Laborde Debucquet
Heterogeneity in riverine ecosystem service perceptions: Insights for water-decision processes in transboundary rivers Hassaan Furqan Khan Yi-Chen E. Yang Claudia Ringler
Data Africa International Food Policy Research Institute HarvestChoice Data Wheel
Assessing the health and nutrition risks of smallholder poultry production in Burkina Faso: Insights from formative research Aulo Gelli Derek D. Headey Francis Ngure Elodie Becquey Rasmané Ganaba Lieven Huybregts Abdoulaye Pedehombga Armande Sanou Abdoulaye Traore Florence Zongo Amanda Zongrone
The Herbicide Revolution in Developing Countries: Patterns, Causes, and Implications Steven Haggblade Bart Minten Carl E. Pray Thomas Reardon David Zilberman