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From figures to facts: Making sense of socioeconomic surveys in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Wim Marivoet Tom De Herdt
Drivers of perceived land tenure (in)security: Empirical evidence from Ghana Hosaena Ghebru Isabel Lambrecht
Health-motivated taxes on red and processed meat: a modelling study on optimal tax levels and health and climate-change co-benefits Marco Springmann Daniel Mason-D’Croz Sherman Robinson Keith D. Wiebe Charles Godfray Mike Rayner Peter Scarborough
Effectiveness of facility-based personalized maternal nutrition counseling in improving child growth and morbidity up to 18 months: A cluster-randomized controlled trial in rural Burkina Faso Laetitia Nikiema Lieven Huybregts Yves Martin-Prével Phillippe Donnen Hermann Lanou Joep Grosemans Priscilla Offoh Michèle Dramaix-Wilmet Blaise Sondo Dominique Roberfroid Patrick Kolsteren
What determines exports of luxury products? The case of cognac Antoine Bouët Charlotte Emlinger Viola Lamani
Argentina en los foros mundiales: Chance y desafío Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla
Characterizing 40-years of inter-regional migration in Southern Mauritania as a result of environmental changes Mohamed Abd Salam El Vilaly Audra El Vilaly Gil Mahe
Adoption of food safety measures on milk production in Nepal: Impact on smallholders’ farm-gate prices and profitability Anjani Kumar Ganesh Thapa Devesh Roy Pramod Kumar Joshi
Predictors of adherence to micronutrient supplementation before and during pregnancy in Vietnam Ines Gonzalez-Casanova Phuong Hong Nguyen Melissa Young Kimberly B Harding Gregory A. Reinhart Hieu Nguyen Meredith Nechitillo Truong V. Truong Hoa Pham Son Nguyen Lynnette M. Neufeld Reynaldo Martorell Usha Ramakrishnan
Food consumption pattern and dietary diversity in Nepal: Implications for nutrition security Anjani Kumar Praduman Kumar Pramod Kumar Joshi