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Food and agricultural innovation pathways for prosperity Thomas P. Tomich Preetmoninder Lidder Mariah Coley Douglas Gollin Ruth Suseela Meinzen-Dick Patrick Webb Peter Carberry
Phasing out energy subsidies as part of Egypt’s economic reform program: Impacts and policy implications Clemens Breisinger Askar Mukashov Mariam Raouf Manfred Wiebelt
Impact of Ethiopia’s 2015 drought on child undernutrition Kalle Hirvonen Thomas Pave Sohnesen Tom Bundervoet
Identifying priority value chains in Ghana Faaiqa Hartley Channing Arndt
How to ensure nutrition for everyone under climate change and variability Jessica Fanzo Rebecca McLaren Claire Davis Jowel Choufani
Conceptual framework: Gender, climate change, and nutrition integration initiative Elizabeth Bryan Sophie Theis Jowel Choufani Alessandro De Pinto Ruth Suseela Meinzen-Dick Claudia Ringler
Correlated non-classical measurement errors, ‘second best’ policy inference and the inverse size-productivity relationship in agriculture Kibrom A. Abay Gashaw T. Abate Christopher B. Barrett Tanguy Bernard
Climate change to adversely impact grain production in China by 2030 Man Li
Did rapid smallholder-led agricultural growth fail to reduce rural poverty? Making sense of Malawi’s poverty puzzle Karl Pauw Ulrik Beck Richard Mussa
Institutional finance for agricultural development: an analytical survey of critical issues Bhupat M. Desai John W. Mellor