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Bringing cheer to agriculture Pramod Kumar Joshi
Policies based on demonstration effect could have suboptimal outcomes Mamata Pradhan Devesh Roy Avinash Kishore Vinay Kumar Sonkar
Determinants of the productivity of teff in Ethiopia Getu Hailu Alfons Weersink Bart Minten
To frame a model contract farming law, precondition to make it business-friendly Devesh Roy Pramod Kumar Joshi
Why Punjab needs incentives, not loan waivers Pramod Kumar Joshi Md. Tajuddin Khan Avinash Kishore
Agricultural extension in Cambodia: An assessment and options for reform Sam Oeurn Ke Suresh Chandra Babu
The role of agriculture and agro-processing for development in Jordan Jose Luis Figueroa Mai Mahmoud Clemens Breisinger
Does warehouse receipt financing benefit Ghanaian smallholders? Mario Miranda Francis Mulangu Francis H. Kemeze Shashi L. Kolavalli
Elements of a National Agricultural Market in India Devesh Roy Pramod Kumar Joshi Raj Chandra
Financing agricultural value chains: An overview of issues, lessons learnt, and policy implications Gyanendra Mani Pramod Kumar Joshi