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African development: Making sense of the issues and actors Todd J. Moss Danielle Resnick
Mechanized: Transforming Africa’s agriculture value chains Malabo Montpellier Panel
Predicting high-magnitude, low-frequency crop losses using machine learning: An application to cereal crops in Ethiopia Michael Mann James M. Warner Arun S. Malik
Does linking farmers to markets work? Evidence from the World Food Programme’s Purchase for Progress satellite collection points initiative in Uganda Andrew Muganga Kizito Edward Kato
Data Descriptor: Smart subsidies for catchment conservation in Malawi Andrew Reid Bell Patrick S. Ward Lawrence Mapemba Zephania Nyirenda Wupe Msukwa Edwin Kenamu
Evaluating the pathways from small-scale irrigation to dietary diversity: Evidence from Ethiopia and Tanzania Simone Passarelli Dawit Kelemework Mekonnen Elizabeth Bryan Claudia Ringler
Multidecadal, county-level analysis of the effects of land use, Bt cotton, and weather on cotton pests in China Wei Zhang Yanhui Lu Wopke van der Werf Jikun Huang Feng Wu Ke Zhou Xiangzheng Deng Yuying Jiang Kongming Wu Mark W. Rosegrant
Mobile phone and household's poverty: Evidence from Niger Mahamadou Roufahi Tankari
Impact of contract farming on yield, costs and profitability in low‐value crop: Evidence from a low‐income country Ashkok K. Mishra Anjani Kumar Pramod Kumar Joshi Alwin D'Souza
Asymmetric information on non-cognitive skills in the Indian labor market: An experiment using an online job portal Futoshi Yamauchi Shinsaku Nomura Saori Imaizumi Ana Areias Afra Chowdhury