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Tracing down real socio-economic trends from household data with erratic sampling frames: The case of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Wim Marivoet Tom De Herdt
Human and institutional capacity for climate resilient agriculture: Lessons from Bangladesh, Ghana, India and Vietnam Suresh Chandra Babu Alessandro De Pinto
The effect of land inheritance on youth employment and migration decisions: Evidence from rural Ethiopia Katrina Kosec Hosaena Ghebru Brian Holtemeyer Valerie Mueller Emily Schmidt
Cooperation in polygynous households Abigail Barr Marleen Dekker Wendy Janssens Bereket Kebede Berber Kramer
Leveling the field for biofuels: Comparing the economic and environmental impacts of biofuel and other export crops in Malawi Franziska Schuenemann James Thurlow Manfred Zeller
Farmers’ quality assessment of their crops and its impact on commercialization behavior: A field experiment in Ethiopia Gashaw T. Abate Tanguy Bernard
The sustainable land management program in the Ethiopian highlands: An evaluation of its impact on crop production Emily Schmidt Fanaye Tadesse
Food security and nutrition in an urbanizing world: A synthesis of the 2017 global food policy report Shenggen Fan Emily EunYoung Cho Christopher Rue
Distributional effects of growth and public expenditures in Africa: Estimates for Tanzania and Rwanda Miguel Almanzar Maximo Torero
Will China's demographic transition exacerbate its income inequality?–CGE modeling with top-down microsimulation Xinxin Wang Kevin Z. Chen Sherman Robinson Zuhui Huang