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Typology of agricultural productivity zones Bingxin Yu Zhe Guo
Introduction [In Agricultural productivity in Africa: Trends, patterns, and determinants] Samuel Benin Stanley Wood Alejandro Nin-Pratt
Factors influencing the effectiveness of productivity-enhancing interventions: an assessment of selected programs Joseph T. Karugia Stella Massawe Paul Guthiga Maurice Ogada Manson Nwafor Pius Chilonda Emmanuel Musaba
Intertemporal trends in agricultural productivity Samuel Benin Alejandro Nin-Pratt
Synopsis: Cities and agricultural transformation in Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia Joachim Vandercasteelen Seneshaw Tamru Bart Minten Johan Swinnen
Spatial patterns of agricultural productivity Stanley Wood Zhe Guo Ulrike Wood-Sichra
A question of integrity: Variants of Bt Cotton, pesticides and productivity in Pakistan
Xingliang Ma Melinda Smale David J. Spielman Patricia Zambrano Hina Nazli Fatima Zaidi
Adapting Fomento to countries in Sub-Saharan Africa Kate Ambler Alan de Brauw Susan Godlonton
Are there nutrient-based poverty traps?
Evidence on iron deficiency and schooling attainment in Peru
Alberto Chong Isabelle Cohen Erica Field Eduardo Nakasone Máximo Torero
Promoting gender equality in irrigation
Promoting gender equality in irrigation Sophie Theis Simone Passarelli Elizabeth Bryan Nicole Lefore Seblewongle Deneke Ben Nyamadi Sophia Mlote