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Migration, local off-farm employment, and agricultural production efficiency
Evidence from China
Jin Yang Hui Wang Songqing Jin Kevin Z. Chen Jeffrey Riedinger Chao Peng
Land productivity and farm size under rapid transformation: A reappraisal from China [In Chinese] J. Wang Kevin Z. Chen Z. Huang Thomas Anthony Reardon
The impact of rural labor wage, change of demographic structure on crop cultivation structure [in Chinese] Jin Yang Funing Zhong Kevin Z. Chen Chao Peng
Poverty trends in Pakistan Edward Whitney Hina Nazli Kristi Mahrt
Fiscal space for investment in agriculture
A review of taxes and subsidies in agriculture in Pakistan
Stephen Davies Wajiha Saeed Muhammad Saad Moeen Tehmina Tanvir Aamer Irshad
Understanding irrigation system diversity in Nigeria
A modified cluster analysis approach
Hiroyuki Takeshima
Estimating spatial basis risk in rainfall index insurance: Methodology and application to excess rainfall insurance in Uruguay
Methodology and application to excess rainfall insurance in Uruguay
Francisco Ceballos
The effect of land inheritance on youth employment and migration decisions: Evidence from rural Ethiopia Katrina Kosec Hosaena Ghebru Brian Holtemeyer Valerie Mueller Emily Schmidt
The IMPACT model: A global simulation modelling system for analysis of water-economy links in climate change scenarios Sherman Robinson Daniel Mason-D’Croz Tingju Zhu
Enhancing linkages between healthy diets, local agriculture, and sustainable food systems
The school meals planner package in Ghana
Meenakshi Fernandes Rae Galloway Aulo Gelli Daniel Mumuni Salha Hamdani Josephine Kiamba Kate Quarshie Rita Bhatia Elisabetta Aurino Francis Peel Lesley Drake