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Relief from usury: Impact of a community-based microcredit program in rural India Vivian Hoffmann Vijayendra Rao Vaishnavi Surendra Upamanyu Datta
Determinants and impact of sustainable land management (SLM) investments: A systems evaluation in the Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia Emily Schmidt Paul Chinowsky Sherman Robinson Kenneth Strzepek
Measuring agribusiness competitiveness: An application to African countries Suresh Chandra Babu Mahika Shishodia
A latent class analysis of improved agro-technology use behavior in Uganda: Implications for optimal targeting Emmanuel Bizimungu Nassul Ssentamu Kabunga
Understanding the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s agricultural paradox: Based on the eAtlas data platform Wim Marivoet John M. Ulimwengu Mohamed Abd Salam El Vilaly
Re-visiting agricultural policies in the light of globalization experience: The Indian context Dinesh Marothia, ed Will Martin, ed A. Janaiah, ed C.L. Dadhich, ed
Improving information and access to technology
The Case of onions in Senegal
Antoine Bouët
Understanding the determinants of adolescent nutrition in Bangladesh Jef L. Leroy Marie T. Ruel Celeste Sununtnasuk Akhter Ahmed
Whither Participation? Evaluating Participatory Policy Processes Using the CGPE Approach: The Case of CAADP in Malawi Christian Henning Johannes Hedtrick Ligane Massamba Séne Eva Krampe
The cocoa coast: The board-managed cocoa sector in Ghana Shashidhara Kolavalli Marcella Vigneri