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Measuring the food access dimension of food security
A critical review and mapping of indicators
Jef L. Leroy Marie T. Ruel Edward A. Frongillo Jody Harris Terri J. Ballard
Improving crop simulation models to cope with crop responses to drought Jon I. Lizaso Kenneth J. Boote Kelly M. Jones Kassahum Tesfaye Javier Di Matteo Jawoo Koo Nicola Cenacchi Fernando Andrade
The effects of electrification on employment in rural Peru Rosamaría Dasso Fernando Fernandez
A remote sensing-based land surface phenology application for cropland monitoring in the Volta River Basin of West Africa Mohamed Abd Salam El Vilaly Audra El Vilaly Ousmane Badiane
Is there an enabling environment for nutrition-sensitive agriculture in South Asia?
Stakeholder perspectives from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan
Mara van den Bold Neha Kohli Stuart Gillespie Samar Zuberi Sangeetha Rajeesh Barnali Chakraborty
Animal traction- potential and constraints N. Houssou Shashi L. Kolavalli Emmanuel Bobobee Victor Owusu
Leveling with friends
Social networks and Indian farmers’ demand for a technology with heterogeneous benefits
Nicholas Magnan David J. Spielman Travis J. Lybbert Kajal Gulati
Exploring the supply and demand factors of varietal turnover in Indian wheat Vijesh V. Krishna David J. Spielman Prakashan C. Veettil
Eliminating Drastic Food Price Spikes
A three pronged approach for reserves
Joachim von Braun, Justin Lin, Maximo Torero
\Adding gender dimensions to bio-economic modelling: Insights from the literature
Adding gender dimensions to bio-economic modelling: Insights from the literature Marzia Fontana