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Limits to green revolution in rice in Africa: The case of Ghana Catherine Ragasa Anthony Chapoto
Feeding practices and growth among young children during two seasons in rural Ethiopia Mekitie Wondafrash Lieven Huybregts Carl Lachat Kimberly P. Bouckaert Patrick Kolsteren
Socio-economic assessment in biosafety decision-making in developing countries Guillaume Gruere Suresh Pal
Introduction: A framework for understanding sustainable development goal interactions Måns Nilsson David Griggs Martin Visbeck Claudia Ringler David McCollum
Challenges in rebuilding the agricultural extension system in the Democratic Republic of Congo Catherine Ragasa John M. Ulimwengu
Local foods can meet micronutrient needs for women in urban Burkina Faso, but only if rarely consumed micronutrient-dense foods are included in daily diets: A linear programming exercise Mary Arimond Bineti S. Vitta Yves Martin-Prével Mourad Moursi Kathryn G. Dewey
Supporting country-driven innovations and agrifood value chains for poverty and hunger reduction Shenggen Fan
Understanding stakeholder networks for nutrition policy: Lessons from a network analysis study in India Shruthi Cyriac Neha Kohli Noora-Lisa Aberman Mamata Pradhan Rasmi Avula Purnima Menon
End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture Ludovic Mollier Frédérique Seyler Jean-Luc Chotte Claudia Ringler
Insurance structure, risk sharing, and investment decisions: An empirical investigation of the implications of individual and group weather index insurance Laura Munro