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The nexus between nutrition and early childhood development Harold Alderman Lia Fernald
Strategies and policies to reach a land-degradation neutral world A.M. Whitbread M. Akhtar-Schuster A. Erlewein F. Kizito Ephraim M. Nkonya Sara J. Scherr S. Shames L. Tamene L. Winowiecki
The extent and cost of land degradation Q.B. Le A. Mirzabaev Ephraim M. Nkonya G.W.J. van Lynden
The Congo puzzle: Evolving livelihoods and poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo (1970-2010) – a summary Wim Marivoet
Social protection, household size and its determinants: Evidence from Ethiopia John F. Hoddinott Tseday J. Mekasha
The rising costs of nutritious foods in Ethiopia Fantu Nisrane Bachewe Kalle Hirvonen Bart Minten Feiruz Yimer
Informing climate policy through institutional collaboration: reflections on the preparation of Colombia’s nationally determined contribution Alessandro De Pinto Ana Maria Loboguerrero Mario Londoño Katherine Ovalle Sanbria Rodrigo Suarez Castaño
Unconditional cash transfers do not prevent children’s undernutrition in the Moderate Acute Malnutrition Out (MAM’Out) cluster-randomized controlled trial in rural Burkina Faso Freddy Houngbe Audrey Tonguet-Papucci Chiara Altare Myriam Aït-Aïssa Jean-François Huneau Lieven Huybregts Patrick Kolsteren
Unconditional seasonal cash transfer increases intake of high-nutritional-value foods in young Burkinabe children: Results of 24-Hour dietary recall surveys within the MAM’Out randomized controlled trial Audrey Tonguet-Papucci Freddy Houngbe Lieven Huybregts Myriam Aït-Aïssa Chiara Altare Patrick Kolsteren Jean-François Huneau
Quality of nutrition services in primary health care facilities: Implications for integrating nutrition into the health system in Bangladesh Masum Billah Kuntal Kumar Saha Abdullah Nurus Salam Khan Ashfaqul Haq Chowdhury Sarah P. Garnett S. E. Arifeen Purnima Menon