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Uganda: a new set of utility-consistent poverty lines Bjorn Van Campenhout Haruna Sekabira Fiona Nattembo
Factors influencing choice of energy sources in rural Pakistan Muhammad Saad Moeen Asjad Tariq Sheikh Muhammad Saqib Shahzad Saleem Shehryar Rashid
The impact of rising labor wage and aging on land transfer [in Chinese] Jin Yang Kevin Z. Chen
Combating nutrient deficiency in Pakistan Amna Ejaz Haseeb Ali Mubarik Ali Umar Farooq
Low-quality crisis and quality improvement
The case of industrial clusters in Zhejiang Province
Jianqing Ruan Xiaobo Zhang
Inclusive agricultural growth in Pakistan
Understanding some basic constraints
Sohail Jehangir Malik Asjad Tariq Sheikh Amir Hamza Jilani
Methods matter: the sensitivity of Malawian poverty estimates to definitions, data, and assumptions Ulrik Beck Richard Mussa Karl Pauw
Migration, local off-farm employment, and agricultural production efficiency
Evidence from China
Jin Yang Hui Wang Songqing Jin Kevin Z. Chen Jeffrey Riedinger Chao Peng
Land productivity and farm size under rapid transformation: A reappraisal from China [In Chinese] J. Wang Kevin Z. Chen Z. Huang Thomas Anthony Reardon
The impact of rural labor wage, change of demographic structure on crop cultivation structure [in Chinese] Jin Yang Funing Zhong Kevin Z. Chen Chao Peng