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Childhood health and the wantedness of male and female children Giordano Palloni
Incidence of environmental taxes in India: A social accounting matrix based analysis Rajat Verman Barun Deb Pal
Harmonized Male/Female and Urban/Rural Subnational Expenditure, Poverty, and Inequality Indicators at 2011 PPP $1.90/day and $3.10/day for Africa South of the Sahara International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) HarvestChoice
Nutrition and economic development: Exploring Egypt's exceptionalism and the role of food subsidies: Synopsis [in Arabic] Olivier Ecker Perrihan Al-Riffai Clemens Breisinger Rawia El-Batrawy
Finance, economic incentives and value chain interventions Alberto Millan Andy Jarvis Avinash Kishore Henry Neufeldt Olaf Westermann Snorre Frid-Nielsen Pramod Kumar Joshi Mark Lundy Sonja Vermeulen
Making pulses affordable again: Policy options from the farm to retail in India Pramod Kumar Joshi Avinash Kishore Devesh Roy
Macroeconomic and social impact analysis of the 2011 crisis in Yemen and alternative transition scenarios Clemens Breisinger Perrihan Al-Riffai Olivier Ecker
Be patient when measuring hyperbolic discounting: Stationarity, time consistency and time invariance in a field experiment Wendy Janssens Berber N. Kramer Lisette Swart
Likely effects of a trade war for US agriculture? Sad! Joseph W. Glauber
Agricultural production and children's diets: evidence from rural Ethiopia Kalle Hirvonen John F. Hoddinott