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An overview of the landscape and approach for biofortification in Africa Howarth E. Bouis Amy Saltzman J.W. Low Anna-Marie Ball Namukolo M. Covic
Marketing biofortified crops: Insights from consumer research B. Uchitelle-Pierce Acanda Ubomba-Jaswa
Iron beans in Rwanda: Crop development and delivery experience Mulambu J. Meike S. Andersson M. Palenberg Wolfgang Pfeiffer Amy Saltzman Ekin Birol Adewale Oparinde Erick Boy Dorene Asare-Marfo A. Lubobo C. Mukankusi S. Nkalubo
Building the case for biofortification: Measuring and maximizing impact in the HarvestPlus program Nancy Johnson Dorene Asare- Marfo Manfred Zeller Ekin Birol
Progress update: Crop development of biofortified staple food crops under HarvestPlus Meike S. Andersson Amy Saltzman Virk PS Wolfgang H. Pfeiffer
Introducing orange sweet potato: Tracing the evolution of evidence on its effectiveness Alan de Brauw Daniel Gilligan J. W. Low
Efficacy of iron-biofortified crops Erick Boy Jere D. Haas Nicolai Petry Cercamondi CI Jean B. Gahutu Mehta S. Julia L. Finkelstein Richard F. Hurrell
Orange maize in Zambia: Crop development and delivery experience Eliab Simpungwe T. Dhliwayo M. Palenberg V. Taleon Ekin Birol Adewale Oparinde Amy Saltzman Michael T. Diressie
Identification of optimal investments Keith Lividini John L. Fiedler Manfred Zeller Dorene Asare-Marfo José Funes Ekin Birol
Economic accounts for agriculture and farm income in Senegal Ismaël Fofana Mahamadou Roufahi Tankari Fousseini Traore