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Financing agricultural value chains: An overview of issues, lessons learnt, and policy implications Gyanendra Mani Pramod Kumar Joshi
Response to Garcia and Wanner “Gender inequality and food security: Lessons for the gender-responsive work of the International Food Policy Research Institute and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” Food Security (2017) 9:1091–1103 Ruth Suseela Meinzen-Dick Agnes R. Quisumbing
Loan waiver is not the solution Anjani Kumar Seema Bathla
Financing agriculture value chains in India: Challenges and opportunities Gyanendra Mani, ed. Pramod Kumar Joshi, ed. M.V. Ashok, ed.
Elements of agriculture value chain financing: A review Pramod Kumar Joshi Devesh Roy Vinay Kumar Sonkar
Harnessing the sun for an evergreen revolution: a study of solar-powered irrigation in Bihar, India Avinash Kishore Pramod Kumar Joshi Divya Pandey
Formal versus informal: Efficiency, inclusiveness and financing of dairy value chains in Indian Punjab Pratap S. Birthal Ramesh Chand Pramod Kumar Joshi Raka Saxena Pallavi Rajkhowa Md. Tajuddin Khan Mohd. Arshad Khan Khyali R. Chaudhary
Mothers’ non-farm entrepreneurship and child secondary education in rural Ghana Charlotte Janssens Goedele Van den Broeck Miet Maertens Isabel Lambrecht
You get what you pay for: the link between price and food safety in Kenya Vivian Hoffmann Christine Moser
Preventing mycotoxin contamination in groundnut cultivation David Jordan Rick Brandenburg Gary Payne David Hoisington Nick Magnan Vivian Hoffmann