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Changing preferences through experimental games: Evidence from sanitation and hygiene in Tamil Nadu Yaniv Stopnitzky
Climate change, agriculture, and adaptation in the Republic of Korea to 2050: An integrated assessment Nicola Cenacchi Youngah Lim Timothy B. Sulser Shahnila Islam Daniel Mason-D’Croz Richard D. Robertson Chang-Gil Kim Keith D. Wiebe
Niger: Fiche d’information sur les indicateurs de la R&D agricole Gert-Jan Stads Biba Yacouba Léa Vicky Magne Domgho
Synopsis: The rapid expansion of herbicide use in smallholder agriculture in Ethiopia: Patterns, drivers, and implications Seneshaw Tamru Bart Minten Dawit Alemu Fantu Nisrane Bachewe
Harnessing net primary productivity data for monitoring sustainable development of agriculture Nathaniel P. Robinson Cindy M. Cox Jawoo Koo
A draft framework for understanding SDG interactions Måns Nilsson Dave Griggs Martin Visbeck Claudia Ringler
Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in systems research: Experience from Africa RISING Carlo Azzarri Beliyou Haile Apurba Shee
Impact of preconception micronutrient supplementation on anemia and iron status during pregnancy and postpartum
A randomized controlled trial in rural Vietnam
Phuong Hong Nguyen Melissa Young Ines Gonzalez-Casanova Hoa Q. Pham Hieu Nguyen Son V. Nguyen Kimberly B. Harding Gregory A. Reinhart Reynaldo Martorell Usha Ramakrishnan
Global pulses scenario: status and outlook Pramod Kumar Joshi P. Parthasarathy Rao
Consumer market segments for biofortified iron beans in Rwanda: Evidence from a hedonic testing study Abdoul Murekezi Adewale Oparinde Ekin Birol