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Monitoring population diet quality and nutrition status with household consumption and expenditure surveys: Suggestions for a Bangladesh baseline John L. Fiedler Keith Lividini
Pathway to impact: Supporting and evaluating enabling environments for research for development Tonya Schuetz Wiebke Förch Philip Thornton Ioannis Vasileiou
Agricultural extension messages using video on portable devices increased knowledge about seed selection, storage and handling among smallholder potato farmers in southwestern Uganda Bjorn Van Campenhout Senne Vandevelde Wilberforce Walukano Piet Van Asten
Cities and rural transformation: A spatial analysis of rural youth livelihoods in Ghana Xinshen Diao Peixun Fang Eduardo Magalhaes Stefan Pahl Jed Silver
How should rural financial cooperatives be best organized? Evidence from Ethiopia Kibrom A. Abay Bethlehem Koru Gashaw T. Abate Guush Berhane
Gender justice and food security in India: A review Nitya Rao Mamata Pradhan Devesh Roy
Acceptance and integration of biofortified vitamin A maize into common diets in northern Zambia Kevin Mulungu Caitlin Herrington
A chicken and maize situation: The poultry feed sector in Ghana Kwaw S. Andam Michael E. Johnson Catherine Ragasa Doreen S. Kufoalor Sunipa das Gupta
Urban wage behaviour and food price inflation in Ethiopia Fantu Nisrane Bachewe Derek D. Headey
Food prices and poverty Derek D. Headey