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Priorities for irrigation investment in Malawi Chiyembekezo Chafuwa
Trading off nutrition and education? A panel data analysis of the dissimilar welfare effects of Organic and Fairtrade standards Eva-Marie Meemken David J. Spielman Matin Qaim
Value-chain clusters and aquaculture innovation in Bangladesh Chaoran Hu Xiaobo Zhang Thomas Reardon Ricardo Hernandez
What happens after technology adoption? Gendered aspects of small-scale irrigation technologies inEthiopia, Ghana, and Tanzania Sophie Theis Nicole Lefore Ruth Suseela Meinzen-Dick Elizabeth Bryan
Effects of tractor ownership on agricultural returns-to-scale in household maize production: Evidence from Ghana Hiroyuki Takeshima Nazaire Houssou Xinshen Diao
Coffee value chains on the move: Evidence in Ethiopia Bart Minten Mekdim Dereje Ermias Engida Tadesse Kuma
Serum soluble transferrin receptor concentrations are elevated in Congolese children with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase variants, but not sickle cell variants or α-thalassemia Mikaela K. Barker Amanda M. Henderson Karimah Naguib Suzanne M. Veracauteren Angela M. Devlin Arianne Y. Albert Esto Bahizire Pierrot L. Tugirimana Pierre Z. Akilimali Erick Boy Tim J. Green Crystal D. Karakochuk
Supermarket shopping and nutritional outcomes: A panel data analysis for urban Kenya Kathrin Demmler Olivier Ecker Matin Qaim
Nutrition behaviour change communication causes sustained effects on IYCN knowledge in two cluster-randomised trials in Bangladesh John F. Hoddinott Akhter Ahmed Naureen Karachiwalla Shalini Roy
US agricultural policy: Implications on domestic and international food security Vincent H. Smith Joseph W. Glauber