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The effects of southern hemisphere crop production on trade, stocks, and price integration Joseph W. Glauber Mario Miranda
Transmission of food price volatility from international to domestic markets
Evidence from Africa, Latin America, and South Asia
Francisco Ceballos Manuel A. Hernandez Nicholas Minot Miguel Robles
Regional trade and volatility in staple food markets in Africa Ousmane Badiane Sunday Odjo
Food crisis and export taxation: Revisiting the adverse effects of noncooperative aspect of trade policies Antoine Bouët David Laborde Debucquet
Relative prices of food and the volatility of agricultural commodities
Evidence for a panel of developing economies
Carlos Martins-Filho Máximo Torero
Consistency between theory and practice in policy recommendations by international organizations for extreme price and extreme volatility situations Máximo Torero
Food price volatility and its implications for food security and policy Matthias Kalkuhl, ed. Joachim von Braun, ed. Maximo Torero, ed.
Delegation of quality control in value chains
Delegation of quality control in value chains Alexander E. Saak
Synopsis: Household perception and demand for better protection of land rights in Ethiopia Hosaena Ghebru Bethlehem Koru Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse
Can contract farming increase farmers’ income and enhance adoption of food safety practices?: Evidence from remote areas of Nepal Anjani Kumar Devesh Roy Gaurav Trapathi Pramod Kumar Joshi Rajendra Prasad Adhikari