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A4NH flagship 3: Food safety International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
A4NH flagship 4: Supporting policies, programs, and enabling action through research International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Tackling vitamin A deficiency with biofortified sweetpotato in sub-Saharan Africa Jan Wayland Low Robert O.M. Mwanga Maria Andrade Edward Carey Anna-Marie Ball
How Senegal created an enabling environment for nutrition: A story of change Halie Kampman Amanda Zongrone Rahul Rawat Elodie Becquey
The role of foreign aid in the fast-growing Rwandan economy: Assessing growth alternatives Xinshen Diao
The role of pulses in sustainable and healthy food systems John McDermott Amanda J. Wyatt
IFPRI's nutrition research in West Africa at a glance
PHND division brochure
Poverty, Health, & Nutrition Division (PHND)
From coherence towards commitment: Changes and challenges in Zambia's nutrition policy environment Jody Harris Scott Drimie Terence Roopnaraine Namukolo Covic
Ecosystem-based interventions and farm household welfare in degraded areas: Comparative evidence from Ethiopia Kindie Getnet Wolde Mekuria Simon Langan Mike Rivington Paula Novo Helaina Black
Projecting regional climate and cropland changes using a linked biogeophysical-socioeconomic modeling framework: 1. Model description and an equilibrium application over West Africa Guiling Wang Kazi Farzan Ahmed Liangzhi You Miao Yu Jeremy Pal Zhenming Ji