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2016 Global Hunger Index: Africa edition Klaus von Grebmer Jill Bernstein David Nabarro Nilam Prasai Shazia Amin Yisehac Yohannes Andrea Sonntag Fraser Patterson Olive Towey Jennifer Thompson
Insuring against droughts: Evidence on agricultural intensification and index insurance demand from a randomized evaluation in rural Bangladesh Ruth Vargas Hill Neha Kumar Nicholas Magnan Simrin Makhija Francesca de Nicola David J. Spielman Patrick S. Ward
Carotenoid retention in biofortified maize using different post-harvest storage and packaging methods Victor Taleon Luke Mugode Luisa Cabrera-Soto Natalia Palacios-Rojas
Heterogeneous returns to chemical fertilizer at the intensive margins: Insights from Nepal Hiroyuki Takeshima Rajendra Prasad Adhikari Sabnam Shivakoti Basu Dev Kaphle Anjani Kumar
Gender gaps in landownership across and within households in four Asian countries Caitlin Kieran Kathryn Sproule Agnes R. Quisumbing Cheryl R. Doss
Observing Ghana’s food system transformation through an assessment of processed food retail in four major cities Kwaw S. Andam David Tschirley Seth Asante Ramatu M. Al-Hassan Xinshen Diao
Incentives and subsidies for farmer adoption of food safety technologies Vivian Hoffmann Kelly M. Jones
Ethiopia - An agrarian economy in transition Yared Seid Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse Seid Nuru Ali
Beyond the drinking glass: Expanding our understanding of water-nutrition linkages Dawit Kelemework Mekonnen
A4NH flagship 2: Biofortification International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)