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On the poverty–growth elasticity Channing Arndt Kristi Mahrt Caroline Schimanski
The effect of the National Food Reserve Agency on maize market prices in Tanzania Guillaume Pierre Karl Pauw Emiliano Magrini
Priority interventions to improve maternal and child diets in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia William A. Masters Katherine Rosettie Sarah Kranz Sarah H. Pedersen Patrick Webb Goodarz Danaei Dariush Mozaffarian
The roles of agroclimatic similarity and returns on scale in the demand for mechanization: Insights from northern Nigeria Hiroyuki Takeshima
Private sector rice stocks in Bangladesh: Estimated levels and determinants
A methodology for estimating private stocks of grain for effective food planning and management
Paul A. Dorosh Kindie Getnet Jennifer Smart
Are Ghana’s Public-Sector employees overpaid? Understanding the public/private wage gap and its effect on the government deficit Stephen D. Younger Eric Osei-Assibey
Climate change impact on global potato production Rubí Raymundo Senthold Asseng Richard D. Robertson Athanasios Petsakos Gerrit Hoogenboom Roberto Quiroz Guy Hareau Joost Wolf
Agricultural value chain finance in India: Issues and implications Pratap S. Birthal Pramod Kumar Joshi
Cities and agricultural transformation in Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia Joachim Vandercasteelen Seneshaw Tamru Beyene Bart Minten Johan Swinnen
Enhancing farmers' income: who to target and how? Pratap S. Birthal Digvijay S. Negi Devesh Roy